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Shanghai Best Fluoro Trade Co., Ltd. is specialized in metal forming processing and metal surface treatment. With 12 years development, we are becoming one of the leading metal forming processing and surface treatment companies in China.

The company occupies 32,000 square meters and has the state-of-art equipment for metal stamping and machining. We can provide OEM service for different companies all over the world according to their demands.

We have three factories in Jiangsu province and one sales office in Shanghai China. We manufacture different kinds of parts made of stainless steel, carbon steel, low alloy steel and aluminum, and the parts include valves, machinery spare parts, fasteners, medical parts, automotive and airplane accessories. We have different kinds of surface treatment technologies, such as PTFE teflon coating, Xylan coating, O ring coating, guide wire coating, teflon coating material.

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    • Thirteen years of teflon coating experience
    • 十三年专业铁氟龙涂料市场应用开发经验
    • High quality ptfe coating material from overseas
    • 原装进口正宗高品质铁氟龙涂料聚四氟乙烯涂料
    • Free sample and free technical support and training
    • 免费打样喷涂服务及现场实地技术培训
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